ISIS Strikes SAA Positions On As-Suwayda Front Even Heavier

Tahrir Al-Sham militants have launched new assault on besieged government strongholds Al-Fou’aa and Kafraya (Idlib gov.). The towns are protected by thousands of local NDF fighters and Hezbollah soldiers. No gains have been reported thus far; however, intense clashes are ongoing.

Syrian Army has continued fighting with militant groups in various regions of Syria. Artillery of the SAA targeted militant positions at least in Sarmania (Idlib gov.), Latamina (Hama gov.) and Kafrnah (Aleppo gov.).

Militants have assassinated a member of the reconciliation committee Dr. Mousa Qanbas in a town in northwestern Daraa.

Meanwhile on As-Suwayda front, toward last night, terrorists have organized yet another even heavier attack on SAA positions near Tel Barakat height in the northeast of the province. Syrian troops have sent reinforcements to the hot spot. Clashes were also reported in Deir Ezzor between ISIS and SDF.

15. 06. 2018, 03:03
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