Rebels Have 48 Hours to Accept Reconciliation in Southern Syria

Syrian Army seizes large quantity of ammo in Damascus/almasdarnews

Last morning, a group of terrorists once again tried to enter the city of Abu Kamal (Deir Ezzor gov.). Nevertheless, the SAA reconnaissance scouts found the threat in time and eliminated at least three terrorists on the western bank of the Euphrates River, the remaining IS fighters managed to sail back.

Meanwhile, Syrian artillery attacked the positions of the “Jaysh al-Izza” militants in the city of Al-Lataminah and its environs in the north of the province of Hama in response to enemy’s shelling of government territories, namely the cities of Halfaya and Safsafiyah.

In the west of the province of Aleppo, FSA militants formed a new grouping called “Kataib al-Majd”, whose purpose is to return control over the city of Aleppo.

The rebel forces in the Dara’a and Al-Quneitra governorates have 48 hours to accept the Syrian government’s reconciliation offer or else the latter will begin their long-awaited offensive. This deadline may be extended due to a large number of rebels in southern Syria; however, several Free Syrian Army (FSA) units and their Islamist allies have already stated that they reject these terms.


13. 06. 2018, 00:12
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