Russia and Turkey Designates New Demilitarized Zones in Syria

Intense clashes ongoing as Syrian Army attempts to secure city after ISIS infiltration/almasdarnews

Last morning, terrorists crossed the Euphrates River in the south of the province of Deir Ezzor and organized the attack on the Syrian army in the city of Abu Kamal. As a result, IS fighters occupied the eastern districts of the city for several hours. Later, government forces managed to regain control over the lost positions and to cast off enemy forces north of Abu Kamal. During the clashes, more than 25 Syrian soldiers were killed. The exact number of losses among ISIS is unknown.

Meanwhile, the “Syrian Democratic Forces” with the support of the Coalition Air Forces managed to liberate 3 cities and 7 farms in the south of the province of Hasakah from terrorists.

Also, according to the military sources, representatives of Russia and Turkey concluded a treaty yesterday according to which the territories in the cities Tel Rifat (Aleppo gov.), Jisr al-Shugur (Idlib gov.) and the Al-Gab Plains are declared as demilitarized zones, in which observers from both countries will be regularly stationed.

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