Syrian Democratic Forces Captures Huge Territory in Hasaka

Syrian special forces carry out mission behind enemy lines to wipe out rebel unit/almasdarnews

Over the past day, the Сoalition Air Forces inflicted air strikes on IS terrorists in the village of Tal Manah in the southeastern suburb of Hasaka. Meanwhile, SDF captured the settlements of al-Faka and al-Hamdiyat from the terrorists. After the offensive, SDF forces managed to move forward 8 km. Now there are fierce battles in the settlements of al-Jabour and al-Buhassan.

What is more, terrorists killed 12 SAA soldiers and injured dozens more during the ongoing attacks on the al-Mayadin in the province of Deir Ezzor.

Also, The SyAAF launched several air strikes on the militants’ positions in the city of Ariha, in the districts of Mahambal, Al-Bashiriya, Orm al-Jos and Harsh Basnkol in the suburb of Idlib.

The “Tahrir al-Sham” security forces killed 22 ISIS fighters and captured 4 more during the fights in the village of Kafrhund in the northwestern suburb of Idlib.

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