Iraq Establishes Control At Border Between Deir Ezzor and Nineveh.

The Iraqi Army, supported by Coalition advisers, has established control over the border between Syria and Iraq in the Nineveh province. They also plan to set a base on Mount Sinjar.

There are regular mutual gunfire exchanges ongoing between the SAA and armed opposition forces in Daraa province. The government troops have shelled the Busra Al-Harir district and the road from Buser Al-Harir to Nachta. Militants, in their turn, targeted their artillery fire at Iranian forces’ positions in the village of Deir al-Adas and various SAA positions, including the Daraa airport.

Demonstrations were held in Al-Sahwa and Daraa against regime and for uniting the opposition.

Militants have carried out a sabotage operation in the village of Ard al-Huatah in the province of Latakia yesterday, killing several SAA fighters.

02. 06. 2018, 20:08
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