Syrian Army Actively Prepares for Operation in South-West of Daraa

At least 43 ISIS terrorists killed in rural Deir Ezzor/almasdarnews

Over the past day, the troops of the Republican Guard and the 9th SAA brigade were deployed in the western part of the Daraa province for the subsequent assault of the positions of the FSA militants and their allies. Soldiers of the 4th division will be located in the south with the purpose of liberating the strategic border city of Nassib. Meanwhile, several militant groups from the provinces of Daraa and Al-Quneitra decided to unite in order to give a strong repulse to the SAA.

Yesterday, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed that last week the terrorists managed to liquidate four Russian military advisers during the night attack to the west from the city of Al-Mayadin (Deir Ezzor gov.).

Nevertheless, fights in this sector continue. SAA thwarted the attempt of the IS to reach the city of Al-Mayadin, eliminating 43 terrorists and destroying half a dozen of their vehicles.

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