Despite Ongoing Clashes in Syria, Troops Begin Process of Demobilization

Syrian Army allows soldiers serving since 2010 to return home/almasdarnews

Over the past day, militants shelled the government territories in the city of Aleppo (Aleppo gov.) for the third time in a week. The SAA fired back at the source of the shelling in the districts of Al-Layramoun and Kafr Hamra to the north-west of the provincial capital.

Meanwhile, in the north of the province of Hama, there was the third day of clashes between the government forces and the militants of the “Jaysh al-Izza” group. Together with the bombardment by the RuAF, the Syrian artillery launched over 40 shells at the enemy positions. The militants, in turn, shelled the city of Muhradah.

In the west of the province, Deir Ezzor, the terrorists organized another offensive to capture the city of Al-Mayadin, however, the SAA thwarted the attempt by liquidating more than 15 IS members and destroying 2 of their carrier vehicles.

Yesterday, it was decided to demobilize the 102nd conscription, whose soldiers have served since 2010. This will be the first demobilization since the beginning of the war in the Syrian Arab Republic.

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