Syrian Army Prepares for Operation Against Militants in South-West Syria

Over 13,000 militants transported from Damascus, Homs to northern Syria this month/almasdarnews

Last night, IS fighters crept into the territory of government troops and attacked the Syrian army 20 kilometres south of the city of Al-Mayadin (Deir Ezzor gov.). However, with the support of the RuAF, the SAA managed to repulse the attack, eliminating at least 15 terrorists.

Meanwhile, Syrian troops are preparing for the operation against militants in the provinces of Daraa, Quneitra and As-Suwayda. Several thousand soldiers from elite units arrived in the south-west of Syria, after missions in the south of Damascus (Damascus gov) and in the north of Homs, and proceeded to distribution along the front line.

Nevertheless, Russian and Syrian representatives expect that local militants will sit at the negotiating table, which will avoid conflict and prevent the intervention of Israeli forces.

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