SAA Captures Several Positions In Yarmouk, Denies Deal With ISIS

ISIS flag in Yarmouk Camp / Reuters


Militants have sabotaged Syrian Arab Army positions near Abu Duhur in Idlib, killing at least 8 soldiers and taking their weapons.

Syrian Army has captured ISIS training camp in Yarmouk, south Damascus, where terrorists prepared fighters to enter elite “Lions of the Caliphate” Battalion.

There were some rumors that ISIS agreed to surrender Hajar al-Aswad and peacefully withdraw to other Badiya regions and that several buses even arrived in Hajar al-Aswad. However later SAA denied that it made any offers to terrorists and stated that it would fight until the victorious end.

10 militants have blown themselves up on the minefield during yesterday’s clashes with ISIS in the Advan vicinity, Daraa province. Terrorists have also destroyed one of militants’ tanks.

Government forces have shelled one of the militants’ headquarters in Al-Zahraa, Aleppo province, starting a massive fire. Fierce clashes followed the attack.

Jihadists have targeted SAA positions in the Al-Ba’ath city near the beleaguered Golan Heights, Kuneytra governorate with the purpose of provoking the Army to retaliate against Israeli positions.

20. 05. 2018, 21:09
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