Syrian Troops Repel Several Positions from Terrorists in South of Capital

Syrian military officially establishes full control over strategic Qalamoun Mountains/almasdarnews

Over the past day, the Syrian army, with the help of the SyAAF, succeeded in breaking through the defence of terrorists in the Al-Asali neighbourhood in the south of Damascus (Damascus gov.) and entering the Al-Madaniyah neighbourhood, having repelled several buildings.

In addition, the SAA, together with its Palestinian allies, partly liberated the territory in the Al-Baradi and Al-Baradat neighbourhoods, having captured more than 50% of the Al-Tadamon district in the capital.

Yesterday night, the RuAF conducted a raid against militants in the south of the province of Idlib and in the north of the province of Hama in retaliation for an attempt to attack the air base of Khmeimim (Latakia gov.).

Militants’ positions in this region are also shelling by the SyAAF and artillery. Government sources report that opposition groups are building up their forces along the front line, probably preparing for an attack on the SAA.

26. 04. 2018, 00:12
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