Syrian Army Moves Forward as Result of Clashes with ISIS Terrorists in Damascus

Syrian Army seizes an entire brigade of tanks and other armored vehicles from rebels in east Qalamoun/almasdarnews

Last night, Syrian troops announced the end of the operation in East Qalamoun (Damascus gov.). During the day, soldiers confiscated a large number of American-made weapons from militants of the “Jayhs al-Islam” group, as well as about 50 tanks that the rebels received as trophies in 2014.

Some “Jayhs al-Islam” fighters are gradually leaving Eastern Qalamoun, while others are joining the Syrian army. In the near future, together with the soldiers of the elite units, they will go to war with terrorists in Damascus.

During the yesterday’s offensive against the IS in the south of the capital of the SAR, government troops, with the help of the RuAF, managed to repulse from the terrorists the Az-Zeen Street that connects Al-Hajar Al-Aswad, and Yalda districts. Enemies, in return, shelled residential areas in the nearby districts of Al-Midan and Al-Zahira.

It is reported that over the past two days, Syrian troops have managed to eliminate at least 100 terrorists, including two emirs and five commanders.

21. 04. 2018, 23:11
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