Syrian Army Liberates Several Settlements on Hama/Homs front

Syrian Arab Army artillery and Air Force continued actively striking militants’ positions in northern Homs countryside. The Army was able to liberate Beit Rey village, Wadi Khanazir valley and Jabal Jinn mountain, located on the border between the provinces of Homs and Hama. Moreover, SAA has repulsed at least 5 more settlements south-east of the city of Hama. Militants, in their turn, were able to regain control over previously lost village of Sulaym (Homs gov.), located to the north-east of Al-Masharafah.

Meanwhile FSA forces agreed to surrender their heavy weapons to Syrian Army and leave the territory of the Eastern Qalamoun of Damascus.

Now the main focus of the Syrian Army in Damascus will be on ISIS terrorists remaining in the southern part of the the capital. Over the past day, a large number of Syrian troops, including the “ISIS hunters” detachment, arrived to the besieged areas of the city. Syrian artillery began preliminary bombing of enemy positions.

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