US, UK and France Launch Air Strikes On Syria

Damascus sky during the US missile attack / ABC

Trump ordered strikes yesterday on Syria over speculated chemical attack claimed on Syrian Government in the city of Douma (Damascus gov.). US warships, British and French jets participated in the joint late-night operation, deploying approximate of 110-120 rockets.

Most of the missiles hit targets within Damascus governorate, although several struck objects in Homs and Hama provinces.

All of the British missiles fired at targets in Homs were, reportedly, shot down and neutralized. The source in the Syrian Air Defense has stated that this was a “serious failure” for the Storm Shadow missiles.

Syrian technology and aviation did not take any damage, since it was transported to Russian bases on April 11-12.

Russian Air Forces struck ISIS targets near the Al-Sukhnah village in Homs governorate, killing dozens of terrorists and successfully preventing an attack on the 16th Air Defense.

14. 04. 2018, 23:11
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