US Coalition Threatens With Massive Airstrikes On Syria

A UN Security Council meeting was held yesterday to approve a resolution on the attack on Syria. A noticeable increase in the activity of the Coalition Air Force near Al-Tanf airbase in Homs province was reported after the meeting. US forces are all set to strike the airbase and are awaiting a command from Donald Trump.

Turkey, Jordan and Iraq allowed United States to use their airspace for the attack. Saudi Arabia has redeployed its military aircraft to the north of the country.

The Russian ambassador said that the hypothetical US airstrike will be fairly responded. It is reported that all 11 Russian Navy carriers have left the port of Tartus.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports that the Syrian Army and their allies have evacuated all major air bases and airports to Russian bases.

There have been lots of reports of SAA artillery strikes in the provinces of Hama, Idlib, Aleppo, Homs, Daraa and Quneitra.

Government forces have destroyed the militants’ tunnel in Qaboun (Damascus gov.).

“Jays al-Islam” militants continue burning their weapons and supplies before leaving the Douma. According to the latest estimates, 165,123 people have left the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus.

12. 04. 2018, 04:04
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