SAA Prepares to Capture Yarmouk Camp

Militants leave last stronghold as more captives released/almasdarnews

Over the past day, fights between the SAA and militants in the south-east of Hama resumed. The Syrian army shelled militants in the settlements of al-Hamamyat and al-Lataminah, as well as launched a series of missile strikes in the settlements of Alhawiz, Alhawash, Alamiqa, Alqahira, Alkharba, Alanqawi, Alziara, Alhuwaija in the western part of Hama, and fired the areas of al-Sahr (Hama gov.) and al-Taman (Idlib gov.). Moreover, the government troops carried out artillery bombardments in the settlements of Al Saan, Izz Addin and Al-Hula in the northern suburbs of Homs and on the fronts of the city of Daara. Militants, in return, shelled positions of the SAA in the area of ​​the base Zhorin in the western suburb of Hama from the artillery.

In addition, the numerous reinforcements of the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces from all Syria have arrived to participate in the upcoming battle for the Yarmouk camp, Al-Hajar al-Aswad, and Qadam.

After the armistice agreement was reached, more than 100 buses drove into the Duma to evacuate the capitulated “Jaysh al-Islam” fighters, as well as captives. It is reported that “Jaysh Al-Islam” was lying about the number of prisoners. According to recent reports, they had no more than 200 prisoners.

Turkey informed its Russian counterparts that their troops wouldn’t allow “Jaysh al-Islam” militants to enter Jarablus. In response to Turkey’s refusal, militants asked Russia to transport them to the Jebel al-Zawiya area in the southwestern Idlib.

Also, the head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation has categorically rejected statements about the use of chemical weapon by the government in the city of the Duma. It is reported that militants of the “Jaysh al-Islam” group allowed Russian observers to explore the place of the alleged gas attack in the Duma. Russian servicemen haven’t found proofs of the use of chlorine gas.

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