Russian and Syrian Air Force Carry Out The Most Intensive Bombardment Of This Year In Douma

A March 20 picture shows smoke rising in Douma following air raids / Anadolu Agency

Russian and Syrian warplanes have struck numerous Jaish al-Islam militants’ facilities in the city of Duma in Damascus province. According to eyewitnesses, this bombardment was the most powerful this year. Meanwhile the infantry of the Syrian Army continues fighting in the city’s outskirts.

Terrorists of Jaish al-Islam, positioned in Douma, fired 7 mortar shells on al-Mezzeh 86 neighborhood and on the surroundings of the Umayyad Square and on Abu Remmaneh and Ish al-Warwar areas, leaving 4 civilians martyred and more than 30 others injured.

Jaish al-Islam militants have killed 17 Syrian Army soldiers, destroyed a bulldozer and a IFV near Harasta (Damascus gov.).

Government forces shelled militants’ positions in Deir Fulle and al Ghassabiyah (Homs gov.). Militants, in their turn, destroyed SAA’s tank and bulldozer in Sanassil area.

ISIS terrorists have captured Zaza and Sabaa Biar checkpoints from Syrian Arab Army in Deir Ezzor province, and are now reaching the Al-Qaryatayn, reposts say.

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