Syrian Army Launches Offensive To Take Over Douma

Syrian Arab Army begins storming the city of Douma (Eastern Ghouta of Damascus) after negotiations with Jaysh Al-Islam stall. The Army entered the city after unprecedented preliminary bombardment by Syrian Air Force, reports say.

Syrian Army is also currently deploying its troops around the Eastern Kalamun pocket in Damascus province, preparing for a major operation.

At the request of Jordanian representatives, Syrian Army has postponed its offensive on the city of Daraa again and will have to go back to negotiations with militants.

Clashes erupted between the SAA and FSA forces east of Thur Maal village. Government forces have also shelled militants in Al Farhaniya, Talbessa, Rastan and Kafr Lyakh.

Turkey gave green light to Russian and SAA forces to conduct an operation in the city of Jisr al-Shugur and the adjoining Al-Gaab plain in the province of Idlib.

ISIS terrorists have disabled a bulldozer near Abu Kamal in the Deir Ezzor countryside. There were several reports that ISIS is preparing for a large-scale offensive in Abu Kamal.

06. 04. 2018, 22:10
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