Syrian Army Ultimatum to Militants: Leave Douma Until Saturday Or Face Offensive

Rebel fighters pray before they are evacuated outside Harasta in eastern Ghouta of Damascus / Reuters

Syrian Army issued ultimatum to Jaish Al-Islam militants to leave the city Douma in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus until Saturday or face an all-out offensive. Fraction leaders are yet to respond. Latest reports say that 29 thousand people have already left Douma via green buses. Jaish Al-Islam militants deny any cooperation with government or participating in evacuation.

Olive Branch Operation is expected to continue until taking Tell Rifaat (Aleppo gov.) and creating a buffer zone in north Syria. Russian Armed Forces returned to Tell Rifaat to resume negotiations. It was reported that the meeting with SDF was already arranged.

Free Syrian Army announced that it expelled 52 fighters from their ranks for looting in Afrin.

Tahrir Al-Sham captured Bastaron village from Tahrir Al-Suriyah in Aleppo countryside.

Free Syrian Army forces shelled pro-government military base and Aleppo Artillery School in the city of Aleppo with Katyusha rocket launcher.

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