Syrian Army Continue Negotiations with Opposition Representatives and Terrorists

Syrian Army urges Jaysh Al-Islam to surrender Douma/almasdaarnews

Over the past day, militants have completely left the city of Harasta (Eastern Ghouta, Damascus gov.) and gradually began to liberate the settlements of Zamalka, Ain Tarma, Irbin and the Jobar district. Militants of the “Jaysh al-Islam” group in the city of Duma, however, refuse to accept the ultimatum of the Syrian authorities, preferring to continue fights instead of surrendering. This makes the SAA build up its forces around the besieged city.

Terrorists in the south of the Syrian Arab Republic capital were also given a chance to resolve the issue by diplomatic means: if members of the Islamic State agree to leave the region, they will be easily evacuated to the Deir Ezzor province.

In addition, SAA sent a delegation to the besieged districts of the city of Daraa (Daraa gov.) to begin negotiations with local opposition representatives. The government offered militants to hand over heavy weapons and fully open the movement in the provinces. In exchange, militants will be allowed to continue to monitor the seized territories.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Turkish forces claimed that they are completely controlling the Afrin Canton in the north-west of the province of Aleppo and now demand that Kurdish armed formations leave the city of Tal Rifat, located north of Aleppo.

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