Syrian Army To Capture Another Town In Eastern Ghouta

An overvire of a village in Ayn Tarma Valley / almasdarnews

In the last 24 hours, Syrian Arab Army has managed to break militants’ line of defense in Mezzeh (Eastern Ghouta of Damascus) and capture the surrounding farms. The town is expected to be captured in the nearest time. SAA has also gained control of several settlements in the vicinity of the Ayn Tarma Valley close to Mezzeh.

Meanwhile Syrian Army had to retreat after swift attack by ISIS terrorists in the southern part of the Syrian capital, allowing the enemy to capture about 90% of the Al-Qadam district.

Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army forces were able to capture Kimar and Barad villages south of the city of Afrin (Aleppo gov.). According to reports, there were also soldiers of pro-government National Defense Forces residing in these villages, who were targeted by militants’ attacks and air strikes of the Turkish Air Force.

22. 03. 2018, 00:12
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