Syrian Army Continues Evacuating Militants From Harasta

Green buses in Harasta / twitter:IvanSidorenko1

Syrian and Russian Air Forces carried out several airstrikes on militants’ positions in the towns of Irbin and Zamalca in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus and in the Ayn Tarma and Jobar districts of the Syrian capital.

Supported from air, Syrian Army soldiers captured the Al-Khandas factory in the suburbs of Damascus from Faylaq Al-Rahman militants who in their turn destroyed one of the Army’s tanks.

Green buses carried 1760 people yesterday from Harasta, 308 to 319 of whom were militants, and 577 were children. Several militant fractions refused to leave the city and continued resisting the Syrian Army forces. Government gave remaining militants a week before storming the city.

Syrian Army shelled militants in the city and province of Daraa, including surroundings of Ibtaa, Milihit Al-Atash and Dail.

Coalition Air Force jets struck ISIS positions near the Al-Milch oil plant near Hajin in rural Deir Ezzor.

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