Syrian Army Prepares to Storm Two More Cities in Eastern Ghouta

Syrian Army seizes most of Ayn Tarma Valley in East Ghouta, pushes to outskirts of suburb/almasdarnews

Over the past day in Eastern Ghouta (Damascus gov.), as a result of clashes the Syrian troops have liberated from militants most part of the Ayn Tarma valley, and also have entered in the southern districts of the settlements of Ayn Tarma and Hazzah.

In addition, the SAA was forced to continue offensive on militants in the city of Duma after the “Jaysh al-Islam” group broke the peace talks and first went on the attack.

Nevertheless, some militants in Eastern Ghouta are still laying down their arms and accepting the authority’s conditions. Yesterday, as expected, the first part of the militants of the “Ahrar ash-Sham” group has left the city of Harasta (Eastern Ghouta) and went to the province of Idlib.

Meanwhile, in the province of Aleppo during the operation “Olive Branch”, pro-Turkish militants of the FSA have captured from the Kurdish troops several settlements, located to the south from the city of Afrin. Moreover, Turkish Air Forces have bombed the positions of the SAA to the north-west of the provincial capital, eliminating six soldiers.

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