Jabhat Tahrir Suriyah Launches Offensive Named “Anger For Ghouta” Against Syrian Army in Northern Hama

Jabhat Tahrir Suriyah militants  launched a new offensive named “Anger for Ghouta” against Syrian Army and its allies in north-west Hama, taking Karnaz and Hamamiyat. After the Army was forced to retreat to Suqalabiyah militants shelled it with grad rockets. Syrian Air Force jets are conducting retaliatory airstrikes. Battles continue in Karnaz.

Government forces captured half of the town of Jisreen and 3 militants’ rocket plants in other districts. An Airstrike by Syrian jets has left 14 “Faylaq Al-Rahman” militants, including 2 commanders, dead in Ayn Tarma. However militants continued resisting and counterattacking Syrian Army in Alafitris, Mesraba, Аl Shifoniyah and Beit Sawa.

Meanwhile, Olive Branch forces are closing encirclement around the city of Afrin in Aleppo province. Erdogan announced seizing Afrin by OB forces by Wednesday evening. Over the past day, FSA successfully captured Kafr Shil, Kaziyaya, Jolakan, Maarata, Kuran, Shadir, Gazavia, Fardali and Al-Yabisa. 8 SAA soldiers were killed in Turkish airstrikes yesterday. Erdogan gave explanation in which he stated that these soldiers tried to infiltrate the city of Afrin. Syrian government forces responded with shelling Turkish positions in the city of Marea.

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