Syrian Army Divides Territory of Eastern Ghouta into Several Parts

Major rebel stronghold in Syria’s Hama province reconciles with government/almasdarnews

Yesterday, as a result of a powerful offensive with the support of the Syrian Air Forces of and the Russian Air Forces, the Syrian troops managed to liberate from militants the settlement of Mudayrah (Damascus gov.) and thus to divide the besieged territory of Eastern Ghouta into three parts.

In the near future, the Syrian army is planning to storm the city of Harasta, in which militants lost contact with supporters from the cities of Irbin and Duma.

Over the past day, during the operation “Olive Branch” pro-Turkish militants captured from the Kurdish troops a dozen settlements located to the east, north-west and south-west of the city of Afrin (Aleppo gov.). YPG troops from the city of Qamishli (Al-Hasakah gov.) sent another reinforcement to the north-west of Syria, but the FSA militants have already published photos with views of the capital of the Afrin Canton (Aleppo gov.), demonstrating that the city is in walking distance.

12. 03. 2018, 00:12
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