Olive Branch Swiftly Advances in Afrin Canton

Turkish army shelling the surrounding of Afrin city Center / twitter:dersi4m

During the last day Syrian Arab Army captured several buildings and farms in the outskirts of Harasta and reached the Harasta-Douma highway in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus . Russian and Syrian Air Force jets provided air suppor for the ground troops. After numerous airstrikes on Mesraba, SAA successfully captured the town .

Battles continued between Syrian Army and Tahrir Al-Sham militants near Beit Sawa. Militants repulsed an attack by SAA, killing several soldiers and taking an Army’s vehicle, reports say. It was also claimed that militants have destroyed an Army’s tank on Rayhan front.

Turkish AirForces started shelling the city of Afrin (Aleppo gov.) at 4 AM yesterday. Meanwhile Turkish-backed FSA forces raided the surrounding area and gained control of Khaladiyah, Qarah Tabah and Qustal Kishk settlements in the Canton.

Other FSA detachments launched a massive offensive eastward, ousting YPG from Kalfrum Kurk, Shaykh Rahman, Kafr Zayta, Kaan Kurk and Khuraybah villages east of Jendares.

On Bulbul front in northern Afrin, FSA militants captured villages of Al Tiflah, Horan, Khadir Tahtani, Sulqli and Dobira. Turkish Commandment updated the number of Kurds killed during the Olive Branch operation to 3195.

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