Syrian Army Starts Operation in Central Part of Syrian Republic

Syrian Forces gain more ground in East Ghouta/almasdarnews

Yesterday, Syrian troops with the help of the aviation managed to repel from militants the settlements of Hawsh al-Ashari, Hawsh Qubaybat, and the air defence base, located south-west of the above-mentioned points in Eastern Ghouta (Damascus gov.). According to some sources, since the beginning of the operation “Damascus Steel”, SAA has already released a little more than 50% of the territory from militants.

In addition, government forces have established yesterday the second humanitarian corridor for those who wish to leave the enclave of the inhabitants and have intercepted a large batch of weapons destined for militants to the south from the settlement of Jisreen.

Also, SAA has increased its military presence in central Syria to monitor militants and their movement in the region between the Al-Tanf base (Homs gov.) and Eastern Qalamoun (Damascus gov.).

Meanwhile, during the operation “Olive Branch” in the north-west of the governorate of Aleppo, pro-Turkish militants have captured the city of Jandaris from the Kurds, as well as the settlements of Hallubi Saghir, Merasat al-Khatib, Shawaighat al-Jawz, located in the north-east of the Afrin Canton.

09. 03. 2018, 00:12
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