Syrian Army To Split Eastern Ghouta Into Two Pockets

Updated Eastern Ghouta map

Battles between major armed opposition groups “Tahrir Al-Sham” and “Jabhat Tahrir Suriyah” continued on various fronts mostly within Hama and Idlib governorates. HTS militants took an upper hand on Maaret Al-Numan front in Idlib province and are now, reportedly, close to taking full control over the vicinity. Battles continue. Militants of the Liwa Suqour Jabal fraction shelled other militants’ position in Khan Al-Subul, north of Maaret Al-Numan, reports say. Syrian Army’s jets and artillery engage in battles with rebel forces in both Idlib and Hama province. Yesterday SAA targeted militants’ positions Haran, Kafr Zeta and Murec localities.

SAA has set a successful course in battles with militants on Eastern Ghouta front (Damascus gov.). Government troops have captured Al-Shifoniya, Reyhan and Al-Ashari localities and reached the outskirts of Mesraba. SAA is now on its way to split the whole Eastern Ghouta front into two pockets.

ISIS terrorists have attacked the town of Abu Kamal (Deir Ezzor gov.) from western and northern fronts, reports say.

Turkish Air Forces have carried another series of airstrikes over villages in Afrin Canton (Aleppo gov.) in the frameworks of the “Olive Branch” operation. The strikes have targeted Kafr Jana, Baraband and other settlements, resulting in the death of at least 3 civilians. Turkish-backed FSA militants have captured villages of Al-Yiji and Bullursanik and Sharanli hills from YPG. Battles are ongoing in Rajo, Jaman and Badinli. Turkish General Staff updated the number of enemies killed in OB operation to 2777.

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