Syrian Army captures several strategic positions in Eastern Ghouta

Turkey-led forces seize major Kurdish stronghold in west Afrin, prepare to storm another

Yesterday, government forces continued their assault on militants as a part of the operation “Damascus Steel” in Eastern Ghouta (prov. Damascus) and with the support of the RuAF they successfully liberated the settlements of Utaya, Hazrama, An-Nashabiyah, Hawsh Nasri, Rayhan.

By evening, SAA achieved the suburbs of the settlements of Misraba and Bayt Sawa, blocking the road between Al-Shifoniya and Misraba.

Pro-government sources reported that the Syrian army also began preparations for the operation in the north of the province of Hama. According to some reports, the army is concentrating its troops to the besieged settlement of Qalaat al-Madiq.

Over the past day, the FSA fighters significantly moved to the depths of the Afrin Canton from three sides, capturing several strategic positions from the Kurdish troops, including the city of Rajo and the mount of Baflioun (prov. Aleppo).

Meanwhile, the Turkish Air Forces were actively inflicting the airstrikes on the positions of the Kurds, and also attacked the former position of Russian watchers – the settlement of Kafr Jana, located to the west of the city of Azaz. As a result, about 30 pro-government soldiers from the «National Defense Forces» were killed.

03. 03. 2018, 23:11
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