Syrian Army launches new offensive against militants In Eastern Ghouta

Kurdish YPG retake several areas in latest Afrin counter-offensive/almasdarnews

Yesterday, as a result of the confrontation, militants of the “Jabhat Tahrir Souria” (JTS) group captured from the “Tahrir al-Sham” (HTS) troops military airdrome Taftanaz to the northeast of the city of Idlib (prov. Idlib), as well as a strategic base to the southwest of the capital of the province of Aleppo. On the same day, some resources claimed that HTS fighters were completely expelled from the western part of the province of Aleppo, as well as from the city of Khan Sheikhun (prov. Idlib) and several other settlements, located to the north.

Meanwhile, the Syrian military accused militants in Eastern Ghouta (prov. Damascus) in shelling the humanitarian corridor on Tuesday morning. Thanks to him, civilians could leave the territory of military operations near the city of Duma. At least one person was injured.

SAA troops themselves stormed the positions of militants in the area of Al-Ajami in the west of the city of Harasta (prov. Damascus) and closer to midnight they began an offensive in the area of the settlement of Utaya near the city of An-Nashabiyah.

Over the past day, during the operation “Olive Branch”, pro-Turkish militants of the FSA captured from the Kurdish troops the settlements of Sinarah and Anqalah to the south of the city of Sheikh Shaykh al-Hadid (prov. Aleppo).

27. 02. 2018, 23:11
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