Jabhat Al-Suriyah Takes Upper Hand In Battles With Tahrir Al-Sham

Jabhat Al-Suriyah militant fraction has strengthened its positions significantly in Idlib province, capturing Binish, Ta’om, Ram Hamdan and Maart Masreen from Tahrir al-Sham. Mass arrests of Tahrir al-Sham militants are taking place in the newly occupied territories.

Government troops supported by air Force continued advancing on militants’ positions. Syrian Army captured 4 buildings in Harasta. However, militants were able to kill 60 SAA soldiers and take several others hostage in Howsh al Dhowahara village.

Meanwhile, Russian Air Force has sent 4 Su-35S jets, 2 A-50U, 2 Su-30SM and 4 Su-25 in addition to those Su-57s jets that were sent previously to Latakia.

Olive Branch operation continued unfolding in the Afrin Canton (Aleppo gov.). Turkish and FSA fighters have captured 9 villages from kurds yesterday: Umranli, Medyan Ekbis, Bandarak, Samalik, Sheykh Muhhamad, Bilkakli and Kunda Dudu.

26. 02. 2018, 02:02
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