Syrian Democratic Forces Agree On Introduction Of Syrian Army In Afrin Canton

There were several clashes that occurred between SDF and Free Syrian Army in the Afrin Canton yesterday all taking place near Bulbul, Hajiko and Darwish Ubasi. As the result of those clashes Darwish Ubasi village was captured by FSA forces. Several reports say that SDF attacked a military camp in the Tukrish province of Hatay, killing 7 soldiers.

Turkish Armed Forces have stated that 1614 Kurds were killed by far during the Olive Branch operation. An agreement was reached between Syrian Democratic Forces and Syrian Arab Army On Introduction government troops in Afrin Canton.

After a powerful preliminary shelling, “Tiger Forces” have launched an operation against militant-held base near Nashabiya in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus.

Clashes continued in the Al-Yarmouk refugee camp between ISIS terrorists and Tahrir al-Sham militants. ISIS terrorists keep upper hand, conducting successful attacks and capturing new positions.

Terrorists have also tried to infiltrate the territory of Syria from Lebanon. They were met by SAA soldiers near the village of Marbo in Homs, close to the Lebanese border. After soldiers killed one of them, others retreated.

18. 02. 2018, 22:10
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