Syrian Army plans to liquidate two large-scale enemy enclaves

Syrian Army troops mobilize in western Deir Ezzor for next offensive/almasdarnews

Yesterday, the third day of the confrontation between the ISIS and the FSA in the southeast of the province of Idlib was over. In the morning, terrorists managed to capture from militants the strategic settlement of Khuwayn and the village of Ard az-Zurzur. Militants, in return, have been heavily shelling enemy positions during the whole day, and as a result, have regained control over the village of Ard az-Zurzur. During the clashes, both sides have suffered heavy losses.

Meanwhile, in the course of the operation “Olive Branch” in the northwest of the province of Aleppo, FSA fighters and Turkish troops have captured from the Kurds the settlement of Mahmudiyah and the Omera hill to the southwest from the city of Jandaris. On the northern front of the Afrin Canton, pro-Turkish militants have repulsed the attack of the Kurdish forces on the settlement of Shaykh Khawruz and have taken up several new points in this area.

Elite units of the Syrian army set off to the border between the provinces of Hama and Homs and launched an offensive against militants in the Rastan pocket after they have finished the operation against terrorists in North Hama Pocket

Also, SAA has begun mobilizing its troops in the east of the country with the aim of eliminating the ISIS pocket in the west of the province of Deir Ezzor and in the east of the province of Homs. It is expected that the operation will begin within three weeks.

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