Israel Bombs Positions Of Syrian Army And Allies For Its Downed F-16

Iraely jet, shot down over the occupied Golan Height by SAA / twitter:OGNreports

ISIS suicide bomber blew up himself near 15 security service soldiers in the town of Ramadi in Iraq. 4 of the soldiers died on the spot, others were taken to hospitals.

3 ISIS SVBIED attacked Syrian Army positions in Shatayeb (Idlib gov.), however the attack was quickly repulsed by the Army.

Clashes between Syrian Democratic Forces and ISIS terrorists continued in Al-Bahra village, Deir Ezzor province. SDF gained some advantage, capturing several buildings, although losing 6 fighters and an armored bulldozer.

Fierce Battles are ongoing between FSA and ISIS in Al Quaraya and Abu Kamal, reports say.

FSA forces capture Deir Balout from Kurds as Turkey claims eliminating 79 enemy fighters within Afrin Canton (Aleppo gov.) as a part of the “Olive Branch” Operation.

A Turkish helicopter T-129 was downed in Afrin, reports say. 2 of the members of the helicopter crew died and others were taken to the hospital.

Israel began shelling SAA and pro-Iranian militants’ positions with airstrikes near Kiswa village in Damascus after an Israeli jet was taken down.

11. 02. 2018, 03:03
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