Syrian Army Fully Liberates Hama From ISIS

Syrian Arab Army has completely cleared and liberated the Hama pocket from ISIS yesterday. Terrorists have fled to the neighboring Idlib province and, after multiple attempts, captured Umm Khalakil, Musharifah and Luwaybidah villages from militants there.

Battles between militants and Syrian Army forces in the vicinity of Abu Dhuhur are ongoing. Militants have destroyed 2 Army’s tanks, reports say. Russian Air Force jets have carried out a series of airstrikes against militants positions in several villages in central and southern Idlib.

Meanwhile in Arbin, Damascus province, Syrian Army troops were able to oust rebels from local construction company building and cleared closest trenches.

Turkish Army and FSA have continued their offensive in Afrin canton (north-western Aleppo gov.), part of the “Olive branch” operation. During the clashes, FSA was able to gain control of Nasiriyah, Дюккан, Iskan, Jaqla Wastani, Sheih Hadid, Soldujuk and Safiriyah localities. Turkish jets have raided Kurdish positions near the town of Afrin, killing at least 19 fighterss

10. 02. 2018, 05:05
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