Terrorists retreat from their positions while Syrian Army assails

Syrian gov’t issues official statement condemning Coalition bombing/almasdarnews

Yesterday, the Syrian army has continued its assault on the ISIS positions in North Hama Pocket (prov. Hama). As a result, government troops have liberated more than 25 settlements from terrorists. In view of their deplorable situation on the front, the Islamic State fighters in most cases leave their positions without a fight, but, nevertheless, they sent suicide bombers on SVBIED.

Despite regular shelling by the Russian Air Forces, FSA and “Tahrir al-Sham” fighters didn’t stop trying to regain lost positions in the east of the province of Idlib. Over the past day, they have again stormed the settlement of Ajaz and have captured government weapon near the city of Abu ad-Duhur.

Close to the past midnight, US-led coalition Air Forces have inflicted several airstrikes on the SAA positions near the provincial capital of Deir Ezzor after government forces have allegedly attacked the ” Syrian Democratic Forces ” on the left side of the Euphrates River. US officials claimed that as a result of the air raid, between 100 and 500 soldiers of the Syrian Army were killed. Government sources, in return, reported about 20 victims

09. 02. 2018, 01:01
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