Syrian Army launches huge offensive against ISIS in North Hama Pocket

Syrian Army takes key crossroad town from ISIS in northeast Hama amid escalating offensive/almasdarnews

Over the past day, Russian Air Forces have conducted intensive bombardment of militant positions in the province of Idlib. Thus, as a result of air strikes on the settlement of Tall Tuqan and its environs in the east of the governorate, the pilots managed to eliminate at least 55 enemies.

Meanwhile, SAA has shifted its focus on the confrontation against terrorists in North Hama Pocket, launching the offensive from three directions at the same time. On the southern front of the pocket, Syrian troops have liberated from ISIS the settlements of Umm Kharizatan and Samiriyah (prov. Hama).

In the north of the Afrin Canton (prov. Aleppo), Turkish-backed FSA fighters have captured from the Kurdish troops the northern part of the Jabal Shir mountain and the nearest settlement of Shaykh Khawruz, but later the Kurds regained control of both positions.

Turkish authorities, in return, announced that they would begin a military operation in the Manbij area (prov. Aleppo) if the Kurdish troops refuse to leave the region.

05. 02. 2018, 00:12
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