Syrian Army captures huge territory in eastern Idlib

Syrian Army launches Idlib, Aleppo offensives in response to Turkey’s latest incursion/almasdarnews

Over the past day, Syrian troops have significantly moved toward the city of Saraqib from Abu ad-Duhur (prov. Idlib), capturing more than a dozen settlements from militants.

At the same time, SAA units dislocated in the southeastern part of the province of Aleppo went to Saraqib.

Also yesterday, government troops continued the operation against terrorists in central Hama and, as a result, have liberated the settlements of Jubb Raziq and Abyan.

During the operation “Olive Branch”, Turkish troops and supported by them militants of the FSA have captured from the Kurdish fighters the settlements of Shinkal, Bak Ubasi, and Kurni on the northern front of the Afrin Canton (prov. Aleppo). Here militants have stormed the Darmik Mountain, then took several positions with access to the city of Bulbul.

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