Turkey-backed FSNA participates in Afrin offensive

The 1st and 2nd brigades of the “FSNA” (Free Syrian National Army) crossed into Turkish borders this morning from Azaz city to participate in the offensive against YPG in Afrin.

The Ministry of Defense of the Idlib/Aleppo Syrian Interim Government announced on last year’s December 30, the formation of the “Syrian National Army”, in accordance with the agreement signed by the FSA factions during a meeting of all the military leaders of the factions in Northern Aleppo.

According to the statement signed by the “Euphrates Shield” factions, the first phase of the FSNA included the formation of three groups:

1st – “National Army”
2nd – “Sultan Al-Murad”
3rd – “Faylaq Al-Jabhah Al-Shamiyah”

20. 01. 2018, 14:02
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