Syrian Army captures Abu Duhur AirBase after Militants Redirect their Main Forces To Afrin

airstrikes in Afrin / twitter:RodiSad

Islamic State terrorists have captured 70% of the Yarmouk camp in Damascus yesterday. Clashes were last reported between ISIS and militants in Al-Zayn. In Deir Ezzor, Syrian Democratic Forces attacked ISIS positions in the Al Baghuz village but were soon repulsed, losing 12 soldiers eventually. Terrorists, in their turn, have attempted another offensive on Gharanij in the southern part of the province, killing 20 soldiers and gaining few positions in the town. ISIS Suicide bomber has detonated his belt in SDF-held village of Al-Bahra, killing 30, destroying a “Hummer” and 3 SUVs.

To the north-west, in Aleppo Governorate Syrian Army has gained some advantage capturing Qar al-Ghazal, Umm Wadi, Al-Aliyah, Al-Muzaywinah and Umm Tinah villages in one day and cut militants and terrorists off in a pocket.

Rebel forces have once again took control over Al-Rabiya and Sarouj villages and attacked SAA in the Al-Quibeiyda village, killing 25. After most militants were relocated to Afrin Canton as reinforcement, The Army was able to walk in and take positions in the Abu-Duhur Airbase.

Turkey and the “Euphrates Shield” have continued to mass near the Syrian border close to Afrin. Turkish Air Forces are carrying a heavy preparatory bombardment in various Syrian settlements, including Afrin, Tal Rifat, Maaranaz, al Malikiyah, Tel Refaat, Kafr Jana, Ayn Daqna, Mariyameen and Meng Airbase, killing 108.

20. 01. 2018, 23:11
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