Syrian Army launches powerful offensive in south-east of Aleppo and captures several settlements from militants

Syrian Army keeps advancing in southeast Aleppo, 5 towns captured/almasdarnews

In the province of Idlib, clashes between SAA and militants continued near the Abu ad Duhur airbase. As a result of fights, SAA has captured the settlements of Hamidiyat, Shadad, Aljakia and the Salmo Hill in the vicinity of the airbase. However, government troops didn’t enter inside. It is reported that “Tahrir al-Sham” has organized a powerful defense there and killed a lot of government soldiers. What is more, they have regained control over the settlements of Al-Khuraybah, and Al-Rubay’ah to the south-west from Abu ad Duhur. The Syrian Army, in return, has repulsed the settlements of Khuwayn and Mushayrfah.

ISIS channel reported that terrorists have captured from SAA transport, killed 3 soldiers and took 5 as prisoners near the Abu ad Duhur. Also, ISIS fighters have launched an attack on Jaysh al-Islam in Damascus, where after fierce clashes they captured several buildings and Oudat Khateeb gas station in Al-Zein neighborhood of Yalda district. Now clashes are ongoing in Babila district.

In the east of the province of Hama, militants have repulsed the attack of the government troops, killing 6 soldiers.

Moreover, in the south-west of Aleppo, SAA has launched a powerful offensive and has captured the settlements of Umm Ankash, Al-Salihiyah, Jubb Intash Fawqani , Jubb Intash Tahtani, Suhur, Hardanah, Rasm Al-Amaysh, Hawir Al-Hass, Al-Banawi, Jubb Al-A’ama, Abu Jalus, Burj Suma, Tal Anbar, Abu Abdah, Amiriyah, Al-Asdadiyah

As a result of fights in the city of Hirista (prov. Damascus), militants have destroyed tank T-72, however, they had to retreat from the city parking under the onslaught of government forces.

13. 01. 2018, 01:01
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