Syrian Army Storms Abu Al-Dhuhur Airbase in Idlib

The Syrian Arab Army soldiers with allied Palestinian forces in rural Idlib / twitter: HananShamounNL

SDF captured control of the Gharani village in south Deir Ez-Zor after fierce battles with ISIS, where Kurds lost 12 of their soldiers – 8 of them killed and 4 taken as hostages. Terrorists, in their turn, attacked SDF positions in Barakah. ISIS had also taken their chance as Tahrir Al-Sham diluted its positions in north-eastern Hama and captured 11 HTS-held villages there.

Russian and Syrian Air Forces and artillery of the Syrian Army shelled the town of Abu Al-Dhuhur south of Idlib preparing it for the storm. While jets were bombing Maarat Al-Numaan and Abu Al-Dhuhur, militants gathered their forces to fight back. Syrian Army then prudently cut off the road to the Maarat al-Numaan and later stormed the airbase.

Militants attacked the positions of SAA and allied forces near the village of Estaballat, south of Abu al-Dhuhur, killing about 20 SAA fighters. It was also reported that militants destroyed the SAA tank and a pickup truck near the village of Marijaba killing a few soldiers.

Syrian Army ousted militants from the villages of Al- Shakousiyah and Rahjan while militants shelled their positions in Hama countryside.

Faylaq Al-Sham militants clashed with mercenaries of Liwa Al-Quds fraction in the Al-Mallah area of the Aleppo governorate. 20 members of Al-Quds were killed and their weapons were taken by Faylaq Al-Sham militants as a result of the battle.

10. 01. 2018, 03:03
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