Syrian Army Brakes Through The Blockage Of The Armored Vehicle Base In Harasta; Captures 15 Villages In Idlib

Aftermash of an explosion at a "Caucasus Emirate" headquarters in the northwestern Idlib / channelnewsasia

Syrian Democratic Forces, supported by Coalition jets, continues the offensive against the remaining ISIS groups in southern Deir Ezzor. Terrorists have attacked SDF positions in the Al-Bahran village. The attack was repulsed eventually, with 27 SDF soldiers lost and 3 drones destroyed.

A major terrorist attack took place yesterday in the city of Idlib. A car bomb detonated near the “Caucasus Emirate” headquarters killing at least 100 people.

Syrian Arab Army forces, supported by Russian Air Force, have liberated 15 villages in Idlib in the last 24 hours. The villages are Burtuqalah, Farijah, Juhman, Duwadiyah, Ray al-Hawa, Abul Eleij, Jubb Al-Qasab, Maksar Tahtani, Maksar Fawqani, Harmalah, Bashkun, Harjalah, Tahihaand A’jaz. Tribal Forces accuse Tahrir Al-Sham militants in the surrender of the key city of Sinjar and other opposition-held localities, withdrawal of their fighters from the battlefront and the betrayal of the ideas of the Syrian revolution.

Fierce battles continued between SAA and militants in Harasta (Damascus Gov.). Syrian Army has managed to break through the blockage of the Armored Vehicle Base and capture the factory area. Militants, in their turn, have ousted SAA soldiers from several buildings, surrounding the base. 72 Syrian Army’s soldiers (5 of them – brigadier generals) and 87 militants were killed on Harasta front since the 29th of December, according to latest reports.

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