Syrian Army captured 14 settlements in southern Idlib

Over the past day, Syrian Army captured 14 settlements in southern Idlib. The SAA advanced to the eastern Sinjar Front, capturing Shaykh Barakah, Umm Al-Halahil, Umm Muwaylat and other settlements. The governmental forces are also reported to have liberated Jabal Al-Kafi, Al-Luwaybidah, Al-Luwaybidah Al-Sharqiyah and Al-Nasiriyah villages and entered the strategic town of Sinjar.

ISIS terrorists captured Huwaysis ibn Hadib town previously held by Tahrir al-Sham.

Fierce battles are still going on in Harasta town. Despite the militants claim they keep the governmental forces entrapped, the SAA managed to occupy several buildings in the Al-Agymi area, and overrun several positions south of the Aby Bakr mosque. The SAA assault team has to log 300 meters to break the siege of military vehicle base. Nevertheless, 35 soldiers were killed nearby when a house mined by the militants was blown.

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