Syrian Army Launches New Offensive In Harasta Military Base; FSA Repel ISIS attack in Yarmouk Basin

SDF have declared earlier yesterday full liberation of two towns in southern Deir Ezzor: Abu Hammam and Gharanij. However, reports later unraveled that SDF have only made some advancement in Gharanij and that there are still intensive battles ongoing between SDF-led Shaitat tribal forces and ISIS terrorists in the town. SDF have also reported killing 14 terrorists in Al-Karama area of Raqqa province, preparing an attack on the Mabrouk refugee camp.

Clashes erupted between FSA and ISIS fighters in Yarmouk basin in Daraa province. Militants have repelled an ISIS attack not far from the town of Hit and near the Shykh Sa’ad and Al-Rubaei checkpoints, killing and wounding a large number of terrorists.

ISIS has delivered a series of attacks on the Iraq–Syria border using suicide bombers. As a result of a successful raid in the Al-Jazeera region, Iraqi Security Forces have killed 11 and wounded 6 terrorists.

Syrian Army has launched a new counterattack against rebel forces in the Harasta Military Base (Damascus gov.). The government forces are provided with large support of the Syrian Air Force and artillery. Meanwhile, the Syrian Army and its allies captured from Tahrir al-Sham 10 villages in Idlib countryside and reached the outskirts of Shaykh Barakah settlement.

04. 01. 2018, 23:11
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