Senior French Daesh recruiter found in refugee camp in Syria

French citizen Emilie Koenig, who is included in the US and UN lists of most wanted Daesh terrorists, a senior recruiter of the terror group, is held in a Kurdish refugee camp in northern Syria, the recruiter’s mother said.

“I talked to my daughter at the end of last week. She is being held at the Kurdish camp for refugees, she is being interrogated and tortured,” the woman told the Ouest-France newspaper on Tuesday.

 She wants to ask French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian to assist in repatriation of Koenig, who “is asking her family, friends and country” for pardon.

Koenig, 33, reportedly adopted radical Islamist ideology being influenced by her first husband, who has an Algerian background.

In 2012, she left France for Syria leaving two children and recruited at least 200 French citizens to fight for Daesh. Koenig, who changed her name to Ummu Tawwab, also called for attacks on French government facilities and servicemen.

Source: Al-Masdar

03. 01. 2018, 08:08
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