Kurdish fighters practically completely liberate Eastern side of Euphrates River

Syrian Army swallows up another string of towns, villages in ongoing Hama, Idlib annihilation offensive/almasdarnews

Yesterday, the Syrian troops continued the operation against “Tahrir al-Sham” in the south-east of Idlib and north-east of Hama, and as a result, they have liberated the settlements of Abu Umar (prov. Idlib), located north-west of the city of Abu Dali, as well as the village of Atshan (prov. Hama). Also, SAA has attempted to storm the settlement of Sukayk (prov. Idlib), but the enemy forces managed to repulse the attack.

In addition, the Syrian army has organized a large-scale attack on the southeastern front of Eastern Ghouta (prov. Damascus). With the help of artillery, SAA has shelled the positions of “Jaish al-Islam” in the vicinity of the city of Al-Nashabiyah and has successfully captured five key positions.

Meanwhile, the Kurdish SDF fighters have made a powerful breakthrough as a result of clashes with terrorists on the eastern side of the Euphrates River, freeing from ISIS the settlements of Kishkiyah, Kharaij, and Bahra, located to the southeast of the city of Abu Hamam.

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