Syrian Army Enters Strategically Important Village In Southern Idlib

The Syrian Arab Army made significant advance yesterday into the rural Idlib from several directions. Troops, supported by the SAA artillery, were able to capture Mushayrifah village from Tahrir Al-Sham militants, but then it was recaptured by Tahrir Al-Sham again.

West of Mushayrifah, other SAA detachments took control over Dajaj and Tamat Al-Khalifah villages and Tal Al-Ward heights, strengthening the Army’s position in the area. Towards the evening, government troops managed to break through the Tahrir Al-Sham’s defense line and entered the village of Abu Dali.

The Army is forced to resume its operations in western Damascus against local militants, who failed to comply with the terms of the agreement with the Syrian authorities and did not leave the region in time due to conflicts within the group.

Meanwhile, SDF fighters attacked ISIS terrorists in the southern part of Deir Ez-Zor province and liberated several districts in the town of Hajin, north of Abu Kamal.

29. 12. 2017, 00:12
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