First Wave of Militants to evacuate Beit Jinn Stronghold tomorrow

The first batch of militants is scheduled to begin evacuation of the Beit Jinn pocket tomorrow. The fighters that are loyal to Tahrir al-Sham will be sent to Idlib while those pledged to the FSA will be transported to the nearby Dara’a province. Meanwhile, some militants have decided to reconcile with the government and have their status settled after growing weary of this war.

 So far, the evacuation has delayed two times already. The first delay came as a result of the violation of the ceasefire by the insurgent side while the second is the result of incomplete preparation for the execution of the agreement.

The government forces allocated for the Beit Jinn front await the conclusion of the treaty as they set their eyes on other insurgent stronghold’s in Syria’s south.

Based on the materials of al-Masdar

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