Syrian Army Took Control Of Main Roads of Beit Jinn & Maghr Al-Meer

ISIS Terrorists have executed village head and 4 other civilians accused of supporting SDF in the Al-Gariba village west of Deir Ezzor. Tahrir Al-Sham militants are actively clashing with ISIS in Rasm Al-Hammam region of Hama.

Syrian Arab Army and allied forces have gained control over all the main highways and roads in the Beit Jinn and Mughr Al-Meer villages and on the Marwan Height. Syrian Army has cut out over 150 militants on the Marwan Height from their supply rout. 3 of the militants’ vehicles were destroyed opposed to 2 SAA tanks. HTS militants have destroyed an army tunnel with SAA soldiers inside and repelled an army attack in Harasta. Active Battles continued between Tahrir Al-Sham and SAA forces on Musherfeh front with minor casualties on both sides. HTS claim destroying a “ZIL” truck full of SAA soldiers near the Shutaib village.

21. 12. 2017, 02:02
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