Iraqi Troops Clear Salah ad Din And Diyala Border Line From ISIS; Syrian Army Gains Strategic Points in Damascus

Syrian Arab Army shells ISIS positions in Hajin and Haraij in eastern Deir Ezzor. US-backed SDF have forces an ISIS group to surrender in south-eastern part of the province. ISIS, in their turn, report killing 25 SDF soldiers in an SVBIED explosion. Terrorists have also attacked PMU and SAA forces near the T2 Station and in the Al-Muayzilah. ISIS fighters have arrested some of their own commanders in Damascus as tension grows in the ranks of terrorists everywhere. HTS continued pushing ISIS in Hama. Meanwhile Iraqi Army has announced complete liberation of the border line between Salah Ad Din, including traps and mines, IED and ISIS tunnels. Also Iraqi Air Force bombing has led to death of a high-ranking ISIS commander and 4 of his assistants.

Fierce battles continued in western Damascus between opposition and government forces. Russian and Syrian Air Force Jets are supporting Syrian Army in Aleppo.

20. 12. 2017, 04:04
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